The Benefits of Home Automation

Using automation to make your home a smart home is simpler and more affordable than ever. Home automation allows you to wirelessly control a variety of smart devices through your home. Meridian Computer & Satellite can guide you through the home automation process all the way from initial consultation to installation and set-up.  Using your smartphone or tablet, Meridian Computer & Satellite will allow you to access and control:

  • thermostats
  • lights
  • security cameras
  • media centers
  • door locks
  • garage doors
  • and more.

Imagine turning on your home's lights before you arrive at night, or turning on the air conditioning before you arrive on a sweltering summer day. Monitor pets in your home, and unlock the door for your dog-walker... and lock it after he leaves. Start a movie in the living room as your finish making dinner in the kitchen. Home automation makes it all possible, and Meridian Computer & Satellite can help you.

Home Automation by Meridian Computer & Satellite

Our expert technicians will help you with every step of the home automation process, including:

  • initial in-home consultation
  • equipment review and recommendations
  • installation and set-up of home automation system
  • maintenance and upgrades
  • troubleshooting